Real Name: Leticia
Nicknames: Let's, Let
Former Aliases: Supercokegirl
Powers/Abilities: Coke-powered superhuman physical resistance and superhuman reflexes.
Likes: Eating toasts
Dislikes: Almost everything
Fears: Driking modified versions of Coca-Cola (such as Cherry Coke, Crystal Coke, etc), which causes strange effects on her. Losing control of her powers. Having her hair damaged in combat. Being unable to stop the Ana Carolina's mind control program.

Forms of coke:
Coke (traditional) - Grants Supercokegirl her powers. Effects will typically last for 24 hours.
Cherry Coke - Causes severe changes in Supercokegirl's personality.
Vanilla Coke - Removes Supercokegirl powers.
Crystal Coke - Causes Supercokegirl to split into two separate people.
Coke with Lime - Kills within hours.


Real Name: Unknown
Former Aliases: Athen
Other Current Aliases: Nathe, Ethan, Enath
Powers/Abilities: limited technopathy, superhuman senses, precognition, telepathy.
Likes: French fries
Dislikes: Sound of jackhammers
Fears: None.